Here's how it works

1. Create an account

Create an account using your school email and select your classes.

2. Drop your syllabus

Drop a syllabus for each of your classes on our website.

3. Hang tight

Sit back and relax while the ClassNav team grabs the important info from each syllabus.

When the ClassNav team is finished, students open the app and find everything already in place.



Semester-long reminders just when you need them.


September road trip with my buddies...which weekend is best?

Grade calculator

How am I doing in my classes?


What do I need to make on the final to get an A?


As the semester continues, the schedule is bound to change. With ClassNav's Updates, you and your classmates have nothing to worry about.

When one student adjusts their schedule on ClassNav, all classmates get a notification with the option to copy or dismiss the change. We have incentivized every student to join ClassNav by crowdsourcing schedule changes among students and their classmates.

Keeping up with changes only gets easier for everyone as more classmates join.

What our users have to say

“ClassNav notifications have saved my life on multiple occasions. I keep very busy, and it's not uncommon for me to totally forget an assignment is coming up. ClassNav has helped me avoid that gut wrenching feeling when you walk into a class and realize that you will be getting a zero.”

“There have been multiple times when I forgot about an assignment and received a notification from ClassNav. It saved me from many zeros.”

"It has kept me more organized not just for my planner but also my life in general. I like being able to put my grades in as soon as I get them back when my professors never do. I have my overall grade constantly, which is really awesome."

"ClassNav has allowed me to quickly see a snapshot of my entire coursework, allowing me to easily prioritize assignments that I once overlooked!"

“ClassNav is the big brother I never had. It is the protector of my grades and a helper in keeping my sanity.”

"I love getting notifications a day before something is due as a reminder! Very helpful in staying on top of all of my classes. The calendar on it is also helpful for seeing what weeks will be extra crazy with school work."

Meet the team

Carson Ward

Founder and CEO

Carson is the conductor. The vision came to Carson when he was a senior in college at Belmont University. He oversees daily operations and product innovation. He also facilitates investment and business partnerships.

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Logan Matthews

Co-Founder and COO

Logan is the recruiter. He oversees marketing and seeks out student ambassadors at respective campuses. He is also involved in investment and advertising partnerships.

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Jonathan Rankin

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Jon is the designer. He is responsible for the user experience and gaining feedback. He is also involved in marketing partnerships.

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Bruce Brookshire

Chief Technology Officer

Bruce is the engineer. His primary focus is iOS and Android development. He works alongside FortyAU on back-end synchronization.

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ClassNav has worked with FortyAU, a Nashville-based software development firm, since July of 2016. FortyAU's team has exhibited a vast range of skills and is ready to help ClassNav expand to universities across the country.